Financial inclusion

is our lifeforce

Our Mission

We have set out to create financial inclusion through fintech. We recognize credit unions as institutions that put the wellbeing and betterment of their members and communities first. Our common purpose forms the foundation of a strong partnership.

These challenges are real and impact people's lives every day. At Salus, we empower individuals with solutions to manage these problems and achieve greater financial stability. We believe in simplicity, transparency, and impact.
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Maggy Suew
Orpheus CEO
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Dakotah Simmons
Wallmart CEO
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Matt Della Gucco
Nature Garden CEO
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Meet the Team

James Chemplavil
Founder, CEO

Driven by a desire to build scalable solutions that create financial wellness for all
Ryan Barrett
Co-founder, CTO

Passionate about cutting-edge data solutions that solve real-world financial challenges
Vincent Catalano
Head of Engineering

Collaborates with diverse teams to tackle complex challenges head-on.

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