Microlending made simple

When the unexpected happens, your members need solutions, fast. Our platform removes the unnecessary costs and barriers to real-time microlending, giving you the tools to meet each of your members' unique needs.

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Enabling financial inclusion at scale

Our mission at Salus is to help people improve their financial wellbeing. We partner with credit unions to deliver innovative technology solutions that will improve financial outcomes for them and the members they serve.

  • 67% of people experience a financial shock once a year
  • 37% of people struggle to pay an unexpected $400 expense
  • $49B spent by borrowers on alternative credit fees

What makes Salus different?

Salus' platform empowers credit unions to create microlending programs that can optimize loss rates, approvals, and fairer decisions for all borrowers.

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Frictionless Integration

Our application integrates directly with your core processor and digital platforms, allowing for seamless implementation

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Data-driven Decisioning

Using alternative data, our platform enables you to look beyond credit scores to approve more applicants

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Scalable Underwriting

Underwrite your microloans based on your risk strategy, in real time with zero manual review required

Improve financial outcomes for your members

As a credit union, we know you care. With microloans, you can attract more members, help existing members meet their needs, and serve your community in more ways.

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Strengthen relationships

When your members need you, be there. Offering microloans allows you to meet your members' most unique needs

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Lead with innovation

Break free from the stereotypes and be a leading force in the industry with tech-forward products and services

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Improve lifetime value

Increase the lifetime value of your members by keeping their financial needs fulfilled within your ecosystem

Help build better credit

Help existing and new members boost their credit to keep them moving toward their financial goals

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Be inclusive

Meet your financial inclusion goals by offering access to more affordable, timely, and safe small-dollar loans

Leave an impact

Make a measurable difference in the lives of your members by giving them solutions to everyday challenges

Start building your microloan progam

Get in touch with our team to begin offering your members the loans they need at a price you can afford.