James Chemplavil


With 16+ years of experience in underwriting credit, James is passionate about financial wellness for all.

James Chemplavil

About James Chemplavil

With 16 years of experience in underwriting credit, James comes to the table with significant foundational knowledge. Having weathered a variety of macroeconomic environments as an institutional investor, he has a deep understanding of the landscape and a deeper desire to bring innovative solutions to the market. James has a passion for helping underserved communities both through bringing Salus' vision to life, and through serving on the Board of Classroom Central. Using his experience, he aims to prove that everyone deserves a chance to have financial wellness.

Some of James' notable accomplishments include:

  • Underwrote 1,000+ HY debt investments across multiple macro cycles
  • Built structure for first $600M global multi-asset fund traded on NYSE
  • Board of Directors, Classroom Central

An industry veteran